Our Story

Cafetano is a specialty coffee pioneer, rising from humble Latin roots in Honduras to a company driven by curiosity, empowerment, and the never-ending quest for the most extraordinary coffee in the world.

The Story
Begins in 2012

Our history begins in 2012 in the municipality of Güaimaca in the department of Francisco Morazán. Back in 1984, the father of our founder, coffee producer Don Miro Cuculiza, received as a gift a quintal of coffee seed of the Catüai variety from foreign indigenous people. Don Miro planted 120,000 coffee plants on these lands and thus was born what became one of the pioneer farms of Specialty Coffee in Honduras: Finca Miravalle "Cafetano's first choice".

In 2013, we were the second-place winners of the national Cup Of Excellence Cup
(COE) attaining 92.44* as the final score.

*Cupping Scores: is a process for assessing characteristics of a coffee to determine its quality. Aspects like flavor, texture, acidity, sweetness, and more are rated to give the coffee a final score between 1-100.

Our founder "Mirko Cuculiza" has been exposed to his father's vast knowledge of coffee and its aromas since he was a young man. His family's legacy, started by his father, was passed on to him to continue roasting specialty coffee, exporting, and educating others about coffee.

As a result of his strong desire for everyone to enjoy world-class coffee, the Cafetano coffee shops were born.

Cafetano's Knowledge

As part of our culture, we educate baristas at all levels. We’ve even sent the most qualified baristas to Rancho Mirage to further develop their already impeccable skills and to influence our business to excel to the next level. From Tegucigalpa, Honduras to San Francisco, California, we travel the world exploring new coffee shops to inspire us.

Cafetano holds on to the Original Values. To create a global aroma of the best coffee in the world to change the way people drink and enjoy coffee.


Cafetano Awards

"Espressate" Festival Cultural Del Café 2018 (Ganador Barista)

Coffee Show Multiplaza Competencia De Barismo 2018 (1er Lugar)

USAAID Reconocimiento Por Apoyar La Empleabilidad De La Juventud Hondureña 2019

Coffee Show Multiplaza Ganador De Coffee Show Cup 2018 (1er Lugar)

Patrocinador Oficial de la 5ta Expo Agroindustrial Del Café 2015

Exporting Worldwide

  • Japan
  • Norway
  • Australia
  • US

We roast coffee the right way so everyone likes our coffee. At Cafetano, coffee quality is our motto. We exist to offer the best coffee, not only to Hondurans, but to the rest of the world.

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